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About SAS chin rest

New SAS chin rest is remarkable, allowing for modern playing technique without affecting the individuality of handling the instrument. Its fabrication is compact, yet perfectly elegant in

Chin rest

The importance of wood as natural material without varnish is conspicuous, while the precious metal segment is goldplated. It is therefore health-conscious, as the chin piece is in constant touch with the skin. The new chin piece is superb and ideal also because it reaches over the tail piece. This way it offers several manners of holding the instrument. It is fixed above the violin block and it could be tightly screwed in. This model of chin piece is definitely going to become popular very soon, as it is suitable for everybody, from complete beginners to leading maestros.

You can choose between four types of wood:

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pear wood rose wood
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pear wood pear wood
(light wood, same as box wood)
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walnut wood walnut wood
(same as shoulder rests wood)
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ebony wood ebony wood
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