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Successful violin playing depends on several elements:

  • balanced body position;
  • free - relaxed manner of holding the instrument;
  • correct breathing.

All the elements have a direct impact upon the quality of sound being produced and conveyed to the audience.

Individual physical features represent constraints to each violin player. It is therefore essential to adjust either:

  • the body to the instrument (Fig.1);
  • the instrument (using accessories) to the natural body position (Fig.2).

The first factor has been well known for some time. It is the original one, and supports avoiding any alterations to the instrument. The results are known. The body tends to adjust by adopting unnatural positions, and the tension causes pain in the strained parts of the body.

The second possibility is the application of accessories (shoulder rest and chin rest) which maiintain the body in its natural position by adjusting to the individual physiological features of the musician - violin player, and provide freedom of movement.

Anyone familiar with the backache, muscle tension and breathing problems arising from the above, will definitely look for answer to these problems by using the best possible chin and shoulder rest available.

The selection of proper chin rest and shoulder rest oombination is especially tricky. The shoulder rest is indeed a better option, if it could be regulated and thereby adapted to the physical requirements of the violin player, instead of vice versa, when the player is compelled to search balance by adjusting ("twisting") the body, and causing himself uncomfortable pain.


Equally important is the structure of chin rest It is principally expected to provide relaxed playing, as a result of balanced body position during the play, without creating disturbing tensions in the muscles and the skeleton.

Of course, any addition to the violin represents a threat to its fragile equilibrium, so it has to be the least aggressive possible. In the search of the perfect configuration of the chin and shoulder rest it was our objective to accommodate the described problems and manufacture products that would include numerous possibilities of regulation and adjustment to the individual requirements of a violin player.

That is why our chin rest features only one support leg - positioned centrally at the place where the violin produces least resonance. Likewise, the shoulder rest touches the instrument in but a few points. Its wooden core even contributes to the transfer of vibrations from the instrument to the body and intensifies the feeling of music by the player.

Your only duty is to test both accessories and make your decision.

Music will love your choice!

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