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1 7$ 12$
2 9$ 15$
3 or more 11$ 17$


The prices shown are in US dollars and will be recalculated in Slovenian currency.

Please, do not discard the possibility of price discrepancies that may arise on account of excange differences

Chin rest

size / wood pear (US $38) walnut (US $38) ebony (US $44) rose (US $44)
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24 mm
28 mm
32 mm
35 mm

singlepix.gif (49 bytes)I want chinrest for: Viola Violin
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Shoulder rest
Shoulder rest

model / size violin 4/4 viola
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Artist 39$ 44$
Standard 33$ 35$
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Music stand
Music stand

model / size walnut cherry
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Classic 290$ 290$
New age 390$ 390$
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