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What are they saying about our products?

Fred J. Ochs,

Received my shoulder rest and chin rest today (Oct. 20). I am delighted with your products and service.

Fred J. Ochs,
Amarillo, Texas

Georgia S. Forsythe,

Dear Sirs:
My chin and shoulder rests arrived yesterday the 8th, and I've been playing all my spare time since their arrival. The workmanship is just beautiful, and they're very comfortable to use !! Know I shall enjoy them for years to come!
I'm so impressed with the chin rest, would like to order another one, for a second viola. This time I'd like the chin rest in boxwood, and 32mm in height. This too will be on Visa. Will again try the Internet order form, and hope I do it right.
Once again thank you for your help and for your innovative designs.

Sincerely yours
Georgia S. Forsythe


Daniel Medina,

One aspect of the shoulder rests that I find wonderful is that they are made out of wood. The plastic shoulder rests have a tendency to bend, especially the viola rests, as they are longer. Your VLM shoulder rest does not bend, which offers the support that lacked in the other brands. And since your shoulder rests do not bend, they do not fall off or move around on the instrument like the others.
Your chinrest is the most comfortable chinrest that I've tried. The surface is smoother with no big bumps or sharp angles. The cup is also a little longer which gives more surface to grip when necessary. In all aspects of this chinrest, I am pleasantly surprised. Thank you for developping wonderful products.

Daniel Medina (Luthier/violist)


Kerry DuWors,

Thank you for the update on the SAS and now Viva-SAS products and internet sites. I have just visited your new site and I am very impressed with the new changes and products. The new site is very easy to understand and follow and it has good information about products and health of players (which is very important!)
I have been using the SAS chin rest you sent me in June for the past 2 months and it has been working out extremely well for me. I just finished touring Europe with the National Youth Orchestra of Canada (playing 12 concerts, half of them as the concertmaster) and I never experienced neck pain or back pain as I previously did with a "regular" chin rest. I also passed on the information about the SAS rest to friends, colleagues and violin teachers from around the world who were very interested in your product. I hope some profit will go to you and your company.
Once again, if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I appreciate your contact.

Kerry DuWors


Sheridan Lam,

I received the chinrest four days ago. My daughter has been using it, and it has been great. I like the slim design, and the adjustments are relatively easy to make. I wonder whether future design of the SAS chinrest can also make height adjustable.

Vanessa Sluming,

I bought a 35mm chinrest from you a few weeks ago and I think that this is the best thing that I have ever done for my son's violin playing. He took to it immediately, and has improved his technique and posture - he is so proud of it. His violin teacher (who has been a first violinist with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra for 27 years) has tried out the 28mm rest that you also kindly sent me - he was extremely impressed by the ingenious design, quality and comfort of it. In fact, he first fitted it to his violin just 20 minutes before a concert and used it fot the whole concert. He intends to pass it around his colleagues when the Orchestra resumes after their holiday.

With best wishes,

Rebenstorf Walter,

You have done a fine, artistic job in designing the new Web Site. The only thing I could possibly add is a "testimonial" section, where satisfied users could enter their positive comments about your products, plus their E-Mail addresses (optional) if someone wished to contact them for further information about their experiences with your products.
Also, for my additional "2 cents": I was watching Itzhak Perlman (that wonderful human) playing his Strad. He folds a handkerchief over his chinrest and around the body of his violin - possibly because he sweats a lot and he doesn't want the acid to eat away his priceless violin. Also, he does not use a shoulder rest, and possibly the handkerchief is to soften somewhat the edges of his fiddle against his (short) neck. How about some type of disposable material (chamois?) that could both absorb better and "cushion" better? I realize that the material in your chinrest is "non-allergenic", but it is not only Mr. Perlman who perspires a lot when playing. Perspiration can play havoc with the varnish. Even an oblong band of material which would just wrap around the button-end of the violin, and not extend over the table and belly of the violin might be sufficient. It could have some sort of built-in curve to it so it would stay in place.

So there you are!

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